Speak the Love Language of Quality Time This Season with Argital’s Holiday Collection


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The holiday season is usually a time for families and friends to get together, but trying to connect with families and friends has been a challenging ordeal for everyone due to the pandemic. It is also difficult when there are multitudes of different characters in your life, with their different needs and personalities. Finding gifts for them can be quite challenging, but it does not have to be difficult. 

Feed two birds with one scone by getting a set from Argital’s Holiday Collection 2022, and connect over TLC with your loved ones. After all, what better gift is there than quality time with your family and friends?

For the Sicilian clay experience

Green Clay DUO (RM280)

The Green Clay Experience is the perfect choice for the skincare enthusiasts in your life, or maybe anyone who wants the Sicilian clay experience.

The set comes with a 250ml Argiltubo Green Clay Mask, rich with minerals and organic healing properties, containing active green clay, borage seed oil, and calendula to help prevent skin inflammation and cool your skin from any irritation. The 75ml Brightening Iris Root Face Scrub is a soft clay scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes the skin instead of drying it, which makes this a great skincare combo for anyone who also wants to try a new set of products! Give each other that luxurious and organic Sicilian clay experience with these facial products, without affecting skin condition. 

For the one who is always on the go

Awakening DUO (RM250)

Are you looking for a stimulating, all-in-one solution for self-care for that person who’s always active and moving to the next thing? Look no further, the Awakening DUO brings a rush of refreshment for anyone to stay awake during the holiday season, or when they return to the hustle next year. 

This set is a tag team of 8ml Stimulating Oil Roll-On and 50ml Refreshing Eucalyptus Cream, which pairs the earthy aroma of Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Hyssopus, and Savoury together with the minty and fresh Eucalyptus. This set is a wonder for anyone who might need a little touch of bringing in the new and off with the old. 

For those who need to stop, pause, and breathe

Relaxing DUO (RM260)

The relaxing duo is the on-fleek choice when it comes to friends and family who need a little bit of pause in them. 

Stress has got us in its vice grip, but a shower session with the 250ml Relaxing Bath & Shower Gel can do wonders for anyone with its mood-improving properties, with ingredients that increase a sense of calmness and reduce anxiety. The 100ml Rugiada Strengthening Face Toner is also a face spray that gives a boost of mist to the wearer, made with natural spring water from Italy which stimulates the skin with the freshest scent. 

For a healing home spa treatment

Organic Body Care (RM210)

Bring the spa treatment home with this duo, a set that promises both skin nourishment and hand care. 

Made of 100% pure Sicilian clay powder, the 500g Active Green Clay powder is rich with sea minerals and preserves healing properties for skin health. The 75ml hand cream has not only everlasting helichrysum but is also made up of the flower plant verbena, resin-like material made by bees propolis and calendula. For friends and family that care about their skin and health while also trying to stay on the organic side of ingredients, this is the perfect set. 

For gentle hand cleansing

Organic Hand Care (RM160)

If you have a friend who carries a sanitiser and wet wipes around at any given time, there is always the Organic Hand Care set from the collection. 

The set pairs a 100ml Sanitizing Herbal Hand Spray and 250ml Liquid Soap, which nourishes the skin and hand more by opting for herbal ingredients. The herbal hand spray is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin (especially for anti-bacterial sanitisers), which also contains a special organic GOLD MIX 15 essential oil blend. The liquid soap provides gentle cleansing paired with the natural foaming properties of coconut and sugars and is non-drying on the skin. Great for someone who might also have sensitive skin!

Looking for gifts does not have to be hard. Letting your friends and family know they deserve to take a moment to relish in aromatherapy or relax, as well as prioritize hygiene is enough to share your love and care for them. Head to Argital’s store in 1 Utama or its online site

In the spirit of generosity and gift-giving, you can also use the promo code GOLD to collect the Buongiorno Box Starter Kit with any purchase!


Click to download the press materials:
1. Press Release ENG
2. Translated Press Release [BM&CHN]
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