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Malaysian weather is blessed with sunny skies and plenty of rain all year round, but it’s often the case that our hot and humid climate turns even the simplest tasks into a workout, leaving us sweaty and feeling unpleasant. For hijabis, the situation is worsened due to their hair being covered for most of the day. This often results in even more sweat and sebum gathering at the scalp, causing discomfort and itchiness as well as affecting hair health.

We can’t control the weather, but we’re definitely able to control how we take care of our hair. So here are five easy but effective tips for hijabis to relieve an itchy scalp and to stay comfortable in Malaysian weather. 

Tip 1 : Maintain a suitable shampoo routine 

The heat from the blazing sun may cause our scalp to excrete more sweat and sebum, so shampooing is a necessary step for everyone. Cleansing your hair from the daily grime and sweat is essential to keep your hair and scalp healthy, as well as smelling nice. It’s very common for hijabis to experience itchy scalps due to keeping their scalps and hair covered all day, so it’s important to utilize products featuring key ingredients that are able to tackle these issues. For example, shampoos with Antipruritic properties effectively fight scalp bacteria, reducing inflammation and an itchy scalp; while Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) balances the pH level of the scalp, reducing oil production for maximum comfort. So take the time to read the backs of shampoo bottles and to research the key ingredients to ensure it’s “the one” for your hair.

Tip 2 : Don’t keep your hair too long

Hijiabis always keep their hair covered, so being mindful of hair length isn’t usually a priority. Some may even think that hair length won’t make much of a difference. However, longer and thicker hair leads to more layers covering the scalp, thus increasing the amount of heat trapped under the hijab. When your  hair is tied up in a bun all day under a hijab, it might strain your hair at the roots. This problem could become even worse  with longer hair, as the hair buns become even heavier. So, do try to keep your hair at a reasonable length. Scheduling regular haircuts to ensure that your hair is well-maintained and at a good length is important. And if you have thicker hair, shorter hair is the way to go! 

Tip 3 : Wear hijabs made with natural fibres

When shopping for a new hijab, we’re often more focused on the colour and style, or following the latest trends. However, we should also pay more attention to the material of the hijab, as it plays a huge factor in maintaining scalp and hair health. Hijabs made with synthetic fibres are usually harsher on hair, causing friction that will damage hair follicles over time. Also, synthetic fibres are usually less breathable, causing more sebum build-up on the scalp. On the other hand, hijabs made with natural fibres such as cotton and silk are more breathable, in turn creating a cooler environment. This results in your hair feeling lighter and fuller as well, because it’s not being weighed down by sweat and sebum. So from now on, focus on three criteria when buying your next hijab: colour, style and the right material. The comfort levels will make a huge difference for you as you take on the day!

Tip 4 : Change and wash inner layers regularly

If you’re the type to wear inner scarves or layers under your hijab, great job! However, it should go without saying that you have to be diligent in washing and changing your inner scarves regularly. The inner layer may seem thinner and more breathable, but it’s the layer that directly touches your hair and scalp — so all the sweat and sebum may be collected there. By regularly changing the inner layer, we can ensure that our hair stays fresh and clean, and we won’t have to worry about our hair feeling limp or oily. The grime doesn’t only lead to an itchy scalp, but the unpleasant odour may also cause extra discomfort. So remember to  change and clean the inner scarf regularly.

Tip 5 : Include a hair mist into your daily routine

Using a hair mist made with hijabis in mind could change your whole hijab-wearing experience. Hair mists often have many features, but we all love to spritz them on because they provide an extra layer of fragrance, and help keep our hair feeling soft and fresh all day long. In addition, most hair mists have essential minerals and vitamins like vitamin B5 to condition hair deeply, which helps create that healthy shine. People with itchy scalps may opt for hair mists with pomegranate essence, which effectively prevents bacteria growth and an itchy scalp, and ensures that your scalp stays healthy and smells fresh.

Now that you’re armed with the tips needed for a more comfortable hijab-wearing experience, we recommend trying the FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab Anti-Itch Range, consisting of a shampoo and a hair mist with a 48-hour-lasting Pomegranate Fragrance. Formulated especially to target hijabi woes using Japanese technology and green tea ingredients, these two products are all you need to ensure your hair looks and feels great with or without your hijab!

The FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab range is available at a retailer near you, as well as Follow Me’s official platform on Shopee

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