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Experience a slice of Sicily with Argital’s preservative-free, organic skincare products


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Kuala Lumpur, 29 September 2022 – Argital, a pioneer in the organic skincare space since 1979, specialises in pure, botanical clay-based skincare. Today, Argital is home to a beautiful range of internationally certified organic skincare and wellness products for the entire family. On that note, Argital has also opened its first local flagship store in 1 Utama, allowing Malaysians to experience the best of Sicily’s purest minerals, to achieve the ultimate longevity for the skin. 

Argital: Sicilian Green Clay that brings longevity

Founded by Dr Giuseppe Ferraro, Argital includes the therapeutic benefits of green marine clay for health and beauty. The Sicilian Green Clay, which existed 16 million years ago, is rich in active energy from nature and sea minerals that are essential for the skin. In addition to the absorbing nature of green clay, it has a high moisturising effect on the skin, while promoting blood circulation, for better skin renewal and natural anti-ageing properties.

In a bid to only source for the best and purest ingredients, Argital’s green clay is obtained from a quarry in the beautiful town of South of Sicily, Italy, where it is collected at its richest and most active form. In line with that, Argital’s Sicilian Green Clay brings longevity. Argital’s products focus on the study of Sicilian green clay and organic herbs for the skin and wellbeing of the body and the mind.

“Argital is developed from the study of Anthroposophy, which emphasises the power of nature and how it relates greatly to the human body and mind. The study of anthroposophy used in the production of Argital products is exactly what makes Argital different from other organic brands. On that note, it’s time for Malaysian consumers to experience the best of this technique and to get their hands on high-quality, organic and 100% natural products from the shores of Sicily,” said Sara Lee, Argital Malaysia Representative. 

Argital: Preservative-free, certified organic skincare range

All of Argital’s products are made up of 100% natural ingredients and organic herbs, as the brand produces some of the purest and most biodynamic organic products. The skincare range contains nature’s purest ingredients such as therapeutic green clay, organic plant herbal extracts and gold essential oils. Argiltubo, Argital’s No.1 Global Bestseller is made from the same properties, including the healing Sicilian Green Clay, and Argital’s Gold Essential Oils and organic herbs.

Additionally, the tube’s slim and travel-friendly design makes it convenient for users to bring along a slice of Sicily’s finest skincare products anytime and anywhere. Staying true to the brand’s testament for the wellbeing of the body and the mind, Argital also carries its MIFIDO range to help nourish pet’s wellbeing, using the same Sicilian Green Clay and organic herbs. MIFIDO offers a range of pet’s shampoo, conditioner and mouth spray for healthy oral care.

Get ready to bring a slice of Sicily along with Argital’s preservative-free, organic skincare products! Argital is now available in LOT GK3C, Ground Floor, LUXE (near coffee bean), 1 Utama, New Wing. For more information, visit and follow @argital_malaysia on Instagram.   


Click to download the press materials:
1. Press release ENG
2.Translated Press Releases [BM & CN]

About Argital Malaysia

Officially distributed by Roots Basic Sdn Bhd. We believe that natural ingredients are core to healthy skin, body and mind. Roots Basic Sdn Bhd was established in 2017 by a pharmacist. Roots Basic Sdn Bhd offers a range of natural supplements and organic skincare products for a better and healthy lifestyle.

“Back to basics” is what we believe in
Basic ingredients are what our body needs
Go back to the basic, back to the root
Heal with nature.

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