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With life easing back to normal, it may signify more fun times outside for some, but for most Malaysian women, stepping out of the house for work or school means that it’s back to wearing our hijabs for longer periods of time. 

Unfortunately, the Malaysian heat might be hard on our scalp and hair under our hijabs. Thus, there’s no better time than now to set up a hair care routine to keep your scalp healthy and hair fresh throughout the day:

Step 1 : Choose the right shampoo for your hair

The first step is the most important step in any routine, and the same can be said for hair care. Synthetic non-breathable hijab materials and long hours of wear can cause oil build up on the scalp, leading to hair loss or breakage. To counter this, we should be choosing a shampoo that cleans the hair properly, leaving no buildup in hair follicles and the scalp. Lookout for shampoo that contains key ingredients such as habbatus sauda and green tea that strengthens hair at root level, while controlling excess oil production at the scalp. Natural plant extracts like fig extracts can also nourish weak strands of hair, making them less prone to tangling and breakage.

Step 2 : Condition your hair to keep it healthy

Hair conditioner has always left the impression that it’s something “extra”, with many having the misconception that if you got a good shampoo, a conditioner is no longer necessary. Having our hair covered in a hijab all day is no excuse to be lazy and skipping steps, as conditioning your hair is like applying sunblock, and an extra layer of protection from breakage and hair fall! Our hair can be a little drier than usual after contact with water, so a good conditioner is all we need to smoothen and soften it for less tangles and more softness. Conditioner also adds plenty of nourishment for your hair, so choose one with beneficial vitamins like vitamin A, C, E and magnesium that transforms dry hair into a bouncy, healthy shine!

Step 3: Keep your hair nice and loose when it’s wet

Stepping out of the shower, it’s more often than not when we rush immediately to tie our damp hair up in a bun, thinking that it’s faster and it’ll dry up under our hijab anway! However, it’s important to keep our hair nice and loose when it’s wet as tying wet hair damages roots, and it is even worse when wearing a hijab as your hair will not be able to air dry properly and will remain damp for the entire day. Not only that, you will get a “hijab-hair” as your hair will start to dry flat to your head and be limp and lifeless, worsening the health of your scalp. From today onwards, make sure to let your hair dry properly! 

Step 4: Brush hair to keep tangles away

For hijabis, keeping our hair covered most of the day may tempt us to keep our hair tangled and messy, but it’s no excuse to skip this important step! When your hair is wet, you might want to use a wide bristle comb just to put it in place before drying with a hair dryer. Use cool air to dry your locks, running a roller hair brush to work through the tangles. Detangling your hair helps natural oils from the scalp flow down to through the hair for natural restoration, resulting in healthy hair. 

Step 5: Invest in a hair mist

End the routine with a perfect finish by spritzing a hair mist made with hijabis in mind. Hair mists may have many features, but we all love to have them because they add on an extra layer of fragrance, keeping our hair soft and fresh all day long! This is extra important for hijabis as we accumulate much more sweat under the hijabs than without, so spritzing it at certain times during the day will ensure the freshness is here to stay. Besides, spritzing your hair with a hair mist can help protect your hair from hair dryer heat as well! 

Step 6: Tick all the steps with Follow Me!

After learning all the steps to build the perfect routine for a healthy scalp and hair, kick-start it today with Follow Me Green Tea Hijab Hair Fall Solution series! This series includes a pH-Balanced shampoo, conditioner and hair mist, all formulated with Japanese technology to nourish your hair at the roots, effectively preventing hair loss caused by breakage. Active ingredients like green tea and habbatus sauda strengthen the hair from the roots and keeps an oily scalp in check, while fig extracts strengthen weak strands of hair. Paired with a 48-hour long lasting floral and fruity fragrance, this series is all you need for an effective hair care routine to take on the day.

The FOLLOW ME Green Tea Hijab range is available in retailers near you as well as online at Shopee with ongoing great deals.

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