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Stay Fashion Forward This Raya Season with Setia City Mall At The Fashion Journal

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Kuala Lumpur, 7 April 2022 – The Fashion Journal at Setia City Mall is the all-new, go-to fashion precinct located on level UG-135. The new fashion retail concept is home to a collection of unique homegrown brands to cater to your fashion and beauty needs, from April 2022 onwards.

“As Shah Alam’s largest urban lifestyle shopping mall, Setia City Mall constantly seeks to deliver fresh concepts to elevate the shopping experience for our customers. What inspired the birth of The Fashion Journal was the desire to create a unique space, to support local brands by providing them a platform and space to showcase their products and offerings,” said Vivien Phuah, General Manager, Setia City Mall.

“ The Fashion Journal is a unique concept as each brand featured has its distinct identity and products that have been carefully curated to cater to our target audience. It is a cozy one stop haven for shopaholics, where they can shop for fashion, beauty and even indulge in a cuppa with their friends when they want a break from shopping,” added Phuah.

The brands featured at The Fashion Journal include Bayu Somerset, offering affordable Kedah Baju Kurung and Kebaya with unique prints that are made to fit any woman’s unique sense of style. Meanwhile, Binwani’s offers a selection of fashion fabrics for your everyday style and needs. Next, LOCKA provides trendy clothing and design pieces, with individuality, authenticity and utmost comfort at the heart of the brand’s philosophy. UMMA offers a wide range of head scarves, inners and accessories completes the fashion line up with its range of comfortable, versatile and modern modest wear for women of all walks of life.

“We’re excited to be a part of The Fashion Journal as it is a unique retail space that offers an intimate and cozy shopping experience, while providing us with an opportunity to grow and expand our customer base. We’re confident our fashion forward clothing line will appeal to shoppers who are looking for individuality and elegance in their festive wear,” said Shukri Shari, Creative Director of LOCKA.

Additionally, for makeup enthusiasts, head over to NITA and SYEDEWA. The former is the go-to cosmetic line for young women who want to add zest and colour into their everyday lives, and the latter serves up specialised and individualised cosmetics for all skin tones. Patrons can also cap off their shopping experience at Oh Apong, a homegrown creamery that specialises in gula apong ice cream and coffee.

“The fashion offerings at The Fashion Journal perfectly complement our range of cruelty-free and wallet-friendly home-grown cosmetics. Our wide range of hypoallergenic makeup products which suit all skin tones, will certainly be a hit among the mall’s patrons,” said Aznita Azman, Founder of NITA.

So be ready to head over to Setia City Mall’s The Fashion Journal to celebrate Raya in style and check out exclusive in-store promotions. For more information, visit

About Setia City Mall

Setia City Mall is a joint venture between Malaysian property developer S P Setia and the Asian Retail Investment Fund, a wholesale fund managed by global property and infrastructure group, LendLease. Setia City Mall is a mid-market, fun and affordable family experience, which encompasses amazing green space, fantastic shops, great food and entertainment. The project is located in Setia Alam, a 4,000-acre township, 35 minutes’ drive from the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

With over 1.1mil square feet of Net Lettable Area, and more than 4,000 available parking bays, Setia City Mall is recognized as the largest mall in Shah Alam. More than 280 retailers are spread across 4 levels creating the ultimate destination of choice for shopping, dining, entertainment and parklife in the area. Key retailers include Lulu Hypermarket and Department Store, Parkson, Golden Screen Cinemas, Fitness First, Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, Padini Group, LC Waikiki, Max Fashion, Urbanfresh, Mr. DIY, Harvey Norman, Kaison, MPH Bookstore & many more.

In addition to leading local and international retailers, the mall also houses an alfresco dining precinct, a 10.5 acre park, an outdoor fountain and exceptional children’s play facilities. The mall has also received Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Gold Award, the first mall in Malaysia to receive such an accolade. Setia City Mall is the Retail category winner of the Federation of International Real Estate (Fiabci) Prix d’Éxcellence Awards 2014, The Edge-PAM Green Excellence Award and Fiabci Malaysia Property Award 2013.

About Fashion Journal

Located in Setia City Mall (Level UG-135), The Fashion Journal is a lifestyle concept store that is home to a collection of unique homegrown brands to satisfy your fashion and beauty needs. Brands that are currently available at The Fashion Journal include:

Known by their distinct myriad of designs, the brand, Bayu Somerset which was established in 2021, began with a desire to signify a feminine yet chic women. ‘A new kind of comfort’ would be our benchmark as the aim is to strive to make the most comfortable best of fashion, simple yet stylish textured patterns and affordability.

Like many women out there, wearing traditional pieces with bits of elegance in it really brings out the personality of an individual. Our goal is to make the pieces of ours become a staple clothing for you to wear anytime and anywhere, perfect for any occasion. The wide range of design and patterns pieces are made for you to choose based on your mood. Our collections are made closest to heart, made to fit any woman’s unique sense of style.

Bayu Somerset’s exciting new Raya collection will be available at The Fashion Journal from April 2022 onwards.

High fashion fabric retailer and distributor of imported and branded, high quality premium fabrics, apparel and accessories. Binwani’s philosophy has always been that customer solutions are priority no. 1. The business was built on this philosophy and foundation. It has been practiced for 3 generations and has proved to be a more effective way of handling competition today.

Binwani’s specialise as fabric converters to :-

  • Design & manufacture textiles for own retail consumption & wholesale distribution. 
  • Manufacture our own in-house brands: Thomas Reed, Via Seta, Massimo Vito, Giovanni Battistoni. All production is outsourced in Italy, Germany, Korea, India, Indonesia & China. 
  • Manufacture base on corporate client specialisation. 

To commemorate the launch of The Fashion Journal, Binwani’s is giving a 15% discount on a wide range of fabrics for existing members and 20% off all fabrics for new members.

LOCKA is a Malaysian-based clothing brand established in 2015 by Creative Director Shukri Shari with the foresight of providing trendy and current clothing. From a single collection in 2015, LOCKA has now expanded into 70 collections in its 4-year infancy stage and has anchored on the shores of Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

LOCKA proudly produces its pieces in Malaysia and firmly believes that fine designs and taste should not be determined by price tags. Individuality, authenticity and utmost comfort are at the heart of LOCKA’s philosophy. These positive values are evident in every stage; from the well-thought-out designs to structured tailoring, made-to-last quality and quality production.

LOCKA’s all-new and stylish Raya collection will be available at The Fashion Journal from April 2022 onwards. 

Fun, quirky, unapologetically upbeat. NITA is the perfect cosmetic line for young women who want to add zest and colour into their everyday lives. In 2016, Aznita Azman founded the Kuala Lumpur based brand, as well the character ‘NITA’ sharing her love of all things exciting, fun, and new. Each product is a thoughtful and heartfelt reflection of each of her experiences. Share her adventures as she travels the world as each product line reflects the sights and sensations of all the places she visits. “NITA is the personification or embodiment of every young woman out there who has dreams of seeing the world, and who wants to live every day to the fullest” says Aznita. NITA proudly incorporates local customs, traditions and even cuisine into the name and packaging of the products. The first line of products to be released during the launch will have a truly Malaysian feel, because each journey begins from home. NITA carries a wide range of hypoallergenic makeup products to suit all skin tones, all at an accessible price.

To commemorate the launch of The Fashion Journal, NITA is giving a 10% discount on all items* (not applicable for new products).

SYEDEWACOSMETICS was established by its founder Syed Mohammad Fahmi bin Syed Shabtar, or better known as Syedewa, under Syedewa Group Sdn Bhd, in April 2018. The idea of SYEDEWACOSMETICS arose amid the realisation of the scarcity of high-quality but affordable Malaysian cosmetics that meet international standards.

SYEDEWACOSMETICS’ first product, Matte Lip Lacquer for lips which also serves as blusher  and eyeshadow, received very encouraging responses because of its colour, texture, and  formula to suit all skin colour, tones, and skin types. Other products produced by  SYEDEWACOSMETICS are, but not limited to, sunglasses, eyebrow gels, and cosmetic bags.

Going hand in hand with the launch of The Fashion Journal, SYEDEWA is also releasing a special promo until 30th April 2022.

UMMA comes from the Arabic word ‘ummah’, meaning ‘a community bound together by ties of religion’. UMMA is a sisterhood of modern, modest women, from all walks of life. The brand was established in Kuala Lumpur in 2016. UMMA’s founder, Zairin Azman, saw the need for comfortable, versatile, fashionable clothing, without compromising modesty, and always at an accessible price. We hope to grow UMMA into Malaysia’s leading brand for modest wear. As part of our promise to give you the best, all our clothing is designed in-house. Our items incorporate lines of simple sophistication, and reflect the UMMA woman’s standards of strength, beauty, courage, freedom, and independence. The identity of the UMMA woman is evident in every fold of fabric and every detail.

UMMA’s all-new and exciting Raya collection will be available at The Fashion Journal from April 2022 onwards.

Oh Apong is a homegrown creamery that specializes in coffee.

Going hand in hand with the launch of The Fashion Journal, Oh Apong is also having a special promo for its Raya kuih box. 

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