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Four Southeast Asian Artists Launch The Artists-In-Residence Programme Of The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions


The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions is a music festival unlike any other – it promises a sensory dialogue across different artforms. While the focus is on some of the newest and edgiest female musicians working today, you can also be the first to catch some of the most interesting works by female visual artists from the region too.

In line with the festival’s support for the visual arts and illustration scene, four diverse artists from Southeast Asia will be featured as part of its inaugural Artists-In-Residence programme. The aim is to inspire them to work with the space and the festival, and engage with them meaningfully.

The artists for the first edition are namely: Aeropalmics (Dawn Ang, Singapore); Diela Maharanie (Indonesia); Manje (Shany Ahmed, Malaysia); and OHFUTON (Hathairat Charoenchaichana, Thailand).

They will be on site to respond to the venue – the amazing blank canvas that is Pasir Panjang Power Station – and showcase their creations on walls and exclusive merchandise (T-shirts and tote bags), which you can own as a piece of memento.

The results are eclectic and true to their artistic visions. Aeropalmics’ ‘Bearded Moss and Garment Green’ opts for the yin-yang combo of a serpent and a chrysanthemum as symbols of life, death and regeneration, while Diela Maharanie offers two energetic visuals, ‘Follow the Beat!’ and ‘Music and Its Universe’, showing individuals enjoying the melodies and expressing themselves. As for Manje, she presents ‘Little Wonders’, a psychedelic mural featuring Mother Earth in a haven surrounded by tiny creatures such as flying fish, hummingbirds and rare flora and fauna. Lastly, OHFUTON’s ‘Hark Back’ celebrates the range of emotions that the same song can trigger in different personalities.

So come witness these visual gems alongside the great, forward-looking music of artists, namely A/K/A SOUNDS, ALMA, Anna of the North, Cate Le Bon, Charly Bliss, Dream Wife, Ginette Chittick, Goat Girl, Kero Kero Bonito, Ladies of LCD Soundsystem, LÉON, SOAK, Stella Donnelly and Vandetta at the festival on Saturday, 7 Dec, from 10am to late.

Mariyam Shany Ahmed, otherwise known as Manje, is a visual artist and muralist based in Kuala Lumpur. She works primarily using traditional mediums such as acrylics, inks and gold-leaf. While Manje’s works mainly explore the relationships between nature, feminine beauty and fantasy, she is also influenced by cultures and the intricacies in historical elements and anecdotal stories that often inspire the subject matter in her artworks.

Instagram: @tiggmanje

Little Wonders

Here’s a teaser to the full-scale mural titled ‘Little Wonders’: A feminine figure, representing Mother Earth, takes centrestage in an Arcadia surrounded by life’s munificent gifts; this time, two flying fish swim around her in a psychedelic canvas of violet, fuchsia and deep, mysterious blue.

Aeropalmics (Dawn Ang) is a Singaporean artist and multidisciplinary creative best known for her steadfast attention to detail within her pencil and papercut pieces that range from the pleasing to the macabre. She finds inspiration in the everyday, focusing on the nuances of the human condition – birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and mortality – coupled with references to the natural world.

Instagram: @aeropalmics

Bearded Moss and Garment Green

Throughout history, serpents traditionally represent creative life forces. As snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth, they are regarded as symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. Paired with the lovely chrysanthemum, which symbolises longevity and optimism, the two reflect on the cycle of life and death. Inspired by the deep jade-green brand feel of The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions, this drawing celebrates the youth, boldness and creativity of music and art lovers.

Diela Maharanie is a self-taught artist and illustrator. Her works, while often bright and colourful and filled with vibrant patterns and super-saturated hues, hint at mystery for her characters. For her, the best thing about being an illustrator is producing images for diverse content. She has worked for brands such as Instagram, Apple, Adidas, and Tiket.com.

Instagram: @dielamaharanie

Follow the Beat!

This artwork celebrates the enjoyment of music and following the beat.

OH+ Hathairat aka OHFUTON is an influential person in the fields of design, film, music, writing and painting. Her bi-weekly columns for the Thairath online newspaper and LIPS Magazine, where she combined drawings with personal short stories, led to the publication of her books — Travelogue By OH+ and Travels with OH+. As a member of the band Futon, she played concerts in Europe, China, Southeast Asia and Japan.

Instagram: @ohfuton

Hark Back

Depending on your experience, the same song can trigger wildly idiosyncratic emotions, as reflected in the four characters’ differing facial expressions.


Saturday, 7 December 2019

10am to late

27 Pasir Panjang Road Singapore 117537

Tickets now start from S$500 for a Bundle of 3 Tickets and S$180 each for Phase C Tickets.

Black Friday Special, use the code ‘ABCBF’ to enjoy these special rates at: http://bit.ly/ABCapactix

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