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Pepsi Presents, Karak: Haunted Highway, Brought To Life At ICEBOX


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KUALA LUMPUR, 17 September 2020Pepsi presents, KARAK: Haunted Highway, brought to life at ICEBOX. The Livescape Group in partnership with HITMAN Solutions announces the nation’s first all-immersive, interactive drive-in experience. Aptly named the ICEBOX (In-Car Experience), the drive-in experience is set to be a fun and engaging attraction for all. Expect various themed drives, theatrical stories and unexpected immersive pop-up surprises along the way, all from the comfort of your car.

Are you bold enough to brave the unknown? Fittingly, to kick off a series of drive-in experiences here in Malaysia, Pepsi will present to scare-seekers, KARAK, this October. In similar nature to how Pepsi brought a brand new twist to Malaysians with the launch of Pepsi Black, Pepsi kicks off another first with this all new drive-in exhilarating experience, in line with their unmatched testament to being bold, enticing those who are brave enough to drive-in.

Infamous for unnamed mysteries and stories that haunt generations, this spooky edition of ICEBOX will drive you along a journey of unavoidable scares and thrills in a fully enclosed LED pod with live theatrical actors to get the audience to literally jump off their seats.

Drive-throughs are gaining traction globally due to the pandemic, with the increase of cravings for interactive experiences adhering to social distancing norms. Netflix USA has recently announced a Stranger Things-themed drive-through experience, while one of Japan’s popular horror drive-throughs sold out on the day of release and currently has a waiting list of 1000 people. ICEBOX will provide a fresh take on the in-car experience with this drive-in through a blend of state-of-the-art technology and spooky theatrics.

October is traditionally the peak season for ghost movies and scare-tainment as well as horror themed events. With KARAK being the first edition of ICEBOX, Pepsi gallantly steps up to present a test of fearlessness through a first of its kind drive-in experience with a spooky theme, reflecting the boldness of the brand. The covid conscious drive-in aims to fill the void of Halloween celebrations this year. Details are tight-lipped at the moment, with information only shared through those who signed up to the waitlist.

Spooky fun, or scary as hell? One (high)way to find out.

More themed drive-ins will be taking place throughout the year, with different genres to cater to different audiences. For more information and to sign up for the waiting list, head to www.icebox.asia.


The ICEBOX is an all-immersive, interactive drive-through experience, a fun attraction for all. Expect various themed drives, theatrical stories and unexpected pop-up surprises along the way, all from the comfort of your car.

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