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Top NFT Speakers and Partners to take the stage at M1NTED


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Kuala Lumpur, 16 August 2022 – A dozen of the world’s best minds are set to convene at Malaysia’s first-ever NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) conference and festival; M1NTED, happening from August 22 to August 28. Headliners include Animoca, Decentraland, and Sandbox, who are among the biggest names in the Web3 world, as they lead the full lineup of local and international speakers, with their live talk sessions, panel discussions, and keynote speeches.

Combining the best of both worlds, namely a festival showcase and a conference, M1NTED will feature specially-curated experiences between August 22 and August 26, before culminating with the conference on August 27 and August 28. Event organizer The Livescape Group has been instrumental in its collective effort to secure the most reputed names in the Web3 world, with the intention of empowering attendees with the right understanding and knowledge of the space to make more informed decisions for themselves when entering into the Web3 world .

The Livescape Group CEO Iqbal Ameer said he is humbled by the presence of these high-profile and international speakers to Malaysian shores to meet local NFT heroes. “We are thrilled and privileged to have in attendance some of the biggest names in the industry at M1NTED. As leading lights of the Web3 world, audiences would find their insights and experience indelible to understanding the potential of the space and the freedom it provides,” said Iqbal. 

Among the acclaimed speakers are Animoca, Decentraland, KlimaDAO, ON1 Force, Sandbox, Member of Parliament YB Tony Pua, Altimet, Jovynn, Lawyer Ling Chi Hoong, NFVentures, and The Duck Drop. For the 5-day festival showcase from August 22 to August 26, each day is dedicated to a designated pillar that will be hosted in a specific venue as follows:

Day 1, August 22: Art at Lot 10 Rooftop
Day 2, August 23: Fashion at Kedai KL
Day 3, August 24: Music at Maveriq Studios
Day 4, August 25: Gaming at Battle Arena
Day 5, August 26: F&B at Tiffin at the Yard

The final 2-day conference on August 27 and August 28 will take place at KLPAC, with a host of top local and international speakers who are set to deep dive into the world of the Metaverse with insightful panel discussions, keynotes and fireside chats. Attendees can also engage with the speakers and join networking opportunities over the weekend. 

Weekday entry to M1NTED is free, while weekend entry requires a ticket. Prices start at RM150 and tickets are available at Get-Protocol and Pentas. General ticket holders will have access to all halls while VIP attendees are privy to additional benefits such as early access to pre-launch NFTs and networking opportunities. For more information, visit www.m1nted.asia or followhttps://twitter.com/M1ntedAsia and https://www.instagram.com/m1ntedasia_/.



The Livescape Group is an award-winning creative experience & business incubator based in South-East-Asia. As a web2 to web3 company focused on experience and engagement via youth-centric platforms, our portfolios in lifestyle IP revolves around consumer-centric products & experiences in the web3 space. The Livescape Group currently has offices based in Malaysia, Singapore, and Jakarta.

M1NTED is where your NFT journey begins. As Malaysia’s first NFT Confest, M1NTED aims to help the public gain a better understanding of NFTs by bringing together leading executives, founders, key opinion leaders to spotlights the latest trends and evolutions of NFT. For more information, visit www.m1nted.asia or https://twitter.com/M1ntedAsia

Click here to download the press materials:

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