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VITAGEN CSR Campaign Targets Vaccination Centers To Build And Boost Community Immunity Through Gut Health

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Kuala Lumpur, 13th September 2021 – Close to 7,000 bottles of VITAGEN were distributed at four vaccination centers and one hospital in the Klang Valley recently, as part of an ongoing CSR campaign for VITAGEN to provide further immunity boost to frontliners and vaccinated Malaysians. Almost 40,000 VITAGEN bottles in total has been distributed at PPV centres and hospitals across the country as part of this campaign since March this year.

VITAGEN #KitaLebihKuatBilaKitaSihatBersama CSR initiative aims to promote continued vigilance in building and boosting immunity as despite being vaccinated, there is still a risk of catching the virus and spreading it to other, more vulnerable people especially those with pre-existing medical condition.

We have recently seen record-high numbers of infections especially in several states outside the Klang Valley. It is therefore crucial for us to continue to take and adhere to safety measures to keep ourselves and our community safe. Even after vaccination, we should continue to take all the precautions such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and building up our immune system.

Building and boosting immunity is the next important line of defense against infections. Keeping our immune system strong is our best commitment to stay healthy. With that in mind, we are dedicated to contributing to this effort and doing our part to the community through VITAGEN to keep our frontliners as well as vaccinated Malaysians safe and healthy

said Mr. Poh Eng Lip, General Manager of VITAGEN.

According to Ms. Yap Jay Queen, Head of Marketing, “70% of our immunity lies in our gut. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet that includes probiotics daily. Our digestive tract and immune system work together, and therefore knowing how to take care of your gut will help improve many health complications and assist in building and boosting immunity.”

The efficacy of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus paracasei strains in VITAGEN has a positive impact on gut health and immune system. Results are based on clinical research performed at the Gastroenterology Unit, Department of Medicine, Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz, Pusat Perubatan University Kebangsaan Malaysia. *


The distribution of VITAGEN were implemented at the following vaccination centers and hospital:

  • 16th August 2021 at Setia Alam Convention Centre
  • 17th August 2021 at IDCC Shah Alam
  • 18th August 2021 at Mitec Dutamas
  • 19th August 2021 at PJ Civic Centre
  • 20th August 2021 at KPJ Damansara

As mentioned earlier, it is our commitment to good digestive health, and building and boosting immunity that we will continue to support the vaccination efforts by the Government. These five vaccination centers were a success with many asking for more VITAGEN to be distributed! We will continue to do so at additional vaccination centers nationwide to drive this effort further so more frontliners and vaccinated Malaysians can obtain its health benefits

continued Mr. Poh

The following venue have been confirmed for the month of September 2021:

  • 10th September 2021 at Taman Desa Medical Center
  • 13th September 2021 at GENGILD GI Medical Centre
  • 17th September 2021 at Sunway Medical Center
  • 23rd September 2021 at MSU Medical Centre
  • 23rd September 2021 at Hospital Pakar Kanak-kanak (HTCM)

List of Pusat Pemberian Vaksin (PPV) and hospitals where VITAGEN were distributed earlier
since March 2021 are:

  1. Selayang Hospital
  2. Mahkota Medical Centre
  3. 1 Utama RiVac
  4. Sunway Medical Centre Velocity
  5. Hospital Canselor Tunku Muhriz
  6. Andorra Womean & Children Hospital
  7. Beacon Hospital

*Reference: Mokhtar N, et al. (2018). Modulation of intestinal dysbiosis in patients with constipation-
predominant irritable bowel syndrome using lactobacillus-containing cultured milk drink. Gut 2018;67:A70.


VITAGEN, Malaysia’s first and No. 1 cultured milk drink, has been an integral part of everyday lives for the past 40 years, and is now a household brand that has grown alongside generations of Malaysians.

VITAGEN has firmly established its position as the nation’s favourite cultured milk drink with its 4th consecutive Gold for the Beverage – Dairy Category at Putra Brand Awards in 2018. The four-year win has earned VITAGEN an additional Putra Brand Icon award.

Committed to propagate the knowledge and awareness of good digestive health, VITAGEN collaborates with Digestive Health Expert Groups, through campaigns such as The Good Gut Health Awareness Campaign and the VITAGEN Digestive Health Malaysia Programme.

A local landmark research conducted by Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (PPUKM) demonstrated that live, probiotic cultures found in VITAGEN – Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus paracasei – are beneficial in alleviating a number of digestive related issues. In addition, the formulation in VITAGEN helps aids absorption of nutrients from food and stimulates a stronger immune system. Results based on clinical research by the Gastroenterology Unit, Department of Medicine, Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz of PPUKM found that 73% of respondents with Irritable Bowel Syndrome benefitted from enhanced immunity, and 96% had improvement in constipation symptoms amongst many other benefits.

The research affirmed that VITAGEN is a probiotic drink that is clinically proven to help boost immunity and gut health. Understanding the different needs of Malaysians everywhere, VITAGEN has incorporated into their philosophy of developing products for a healthier lifestyle.

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