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The Balvenie’s Makers Project Brings Its Distillery To Life With Miniature Diorama Artist, Lim Pui Wan


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Kuala Lumpur, 4 June 2024 – The Balvenie is a single malt of exemplary craftsmanship. Intricately handcrafted at every step from the making of its casks to its liquid, The Balvenie is made with passion, creativity, heart and skill. In celebration of this, The Balvenie collaborates with local miniature diorama artist  Lim Pui Wan, to bring its distillery to life and showcase the pinnacle of the ultimate craftsmanship. 

The Makers Project embodies The Balvenie’s values of ultimate craftsmanship, appreciating the passion, creativity, heart and skill needed to produce the exceptional craft. This is reflected in the core values of The Balvenie while craftsmanship takes skill, ultimate craftsmanship requires heart. The Balvenie stands tall as a product made by heart.

“We are constantly seeking to partner with individuals who share our passion for creating the extraordinary. Our collaboration with Pui Wan perfectly exemplifies this, as her brand’s ideals align seamlessly with ours. For this year’s Makers Project, we are proud to offer consumers the chance to embark on a unique journey and get first-hand experience of the distillery behind this remarkable liquid crafted with heart,” said Jyri Pylkkänen, Regional Malts Brand Ambassador of Southeast Asia (SEA). 

The Balvenie: A product of exemplary craftsmanship

Every whisky has its unique history, and for Speyside icon The Balvenie, it is one of prestige and pursuit. For close to 130 years, The Balvenie has stood tall on the whisky world stage. It is the only distillery where you will see every stage of the process, from grain to glass. 

The Balvenie is also the only distillery with all five of the precious rare crafts. The barley growing and being harvested by the farmers in the fields next to the distillery. The floor maltings on site, where the raw barley is turned to malt by the team of Malt Men. The Coppersmiths, who craft and maintain the stills, which gives the whisky its honeyed flavour, and are essential to maintaining The Balvenie’s character. Finally, the team of Coopers who repair and rebuild the casks that breathe character into the whisky, a skill that takes four years to hone – and far longer to master. At the core of the entire process is Malt Master, Kelsey McKechnie, who oversees the creation of all whiskies for The Balvenie and uses her thoroughly trained nose to maintain the consistency of the whiskies. 

Bringing The Balvenie’s Distillery To Life With Lim Pui Wan

The Balvenie’s collaboration with Lim Pui Wan pays homage to the craftsmen behind the Five Rare Crafts – the Farmers, Malt Men, Coppersmiths, Coopers, and the Malt Master. Her intricate artwork is a miniature depiction of The Balvenie distillery that allows consumers to step into this world of ultimate craftsmanship, made by heart. 

This detailed model showcases The Balvenie’s unwavering commitment to these crafts, from Farmers harvesting homegrown barley and the expertise of the Malt Men at the malting floor, to the skills of the Coppersmiths and Coopers who maintain The Balvenie’s character, and finally the Malt Master’s role in ensuring the consistency of the iconic whiskies. Through this collaboration, the artwork beautifully captures the essence of The Balvenie whisky, highlighting its exceptional quality that embodies rich heritage and uncompromising excellence.

“For The Makers Project, I found profound inspiration in the timeless journey of artistry involved in whisky making. The meticulous precision and unique stylistic elements inherent in my creations reflect the ethos of ultimate craftsmanship that The Balvenie embodies. This project celebrates the intricate processes and heartfelt dedication that go into every bottle of whisky, mirroring my own commitment to creating art that tells a story, as we aim to honour the legacy of true artisanship,” said Lim Pui Wan. 

For more information, visit The Makers Project website, and stay up to date with the latest from The Balvenie on Instagram (@thebalvenie).

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