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KUALA LUMPUR – In celebration of its continued success and accomplishment as Malaysia’s number one biscuit brand*, Munchy’s recently embarked on a two-week social media campaign to unearth and reward everyday heroes. As the much-loved choice and ‘Juara’ (champion) amongst Malaysians, Munchy’s sought to highlight other ‘Juara’ (everyday heroes) who are making a difference in communities through a campaign aptly named #JuaraSambutJuara.

Shahrul Nizam Kamal.

Nominations came in from around the nation highlighting people from all walks of life each telling a fascinating story of grit and ingenuity in helping others. Five of the most compelling stories were rewarded by Munchy’s for their unrelenting efforts. Sheila Tukiman (President of Persatuan Wanita dan Ibu Tunggal Iman Kuala Lumpur), Raja Noora Kamil (philanthropist), Hasan Al-Akraa (Founder of Al-Hasan Volunteering Network), Radhika Divya & Charis Wong (co-founders of #MYDeliveryHeroes) and Shahrul Nizam Kamal (business owner and charity coordinator) were each presented with a unique token of appreciation by Munchy’s – bringing to life a wish they had for themselves. To no surprise they all used this wish on another deserving person, testament to their kind-hearted nature. They were also given the chance to select a charity organization that benefitted from a supply of staple groceries and Munchy’s products.  

Hasan Al-Akraa. Source: Born in Malaysia

Chief Executive Officer of Munchy’s Mr. Rodney Wong said, “As a proud Malaysian brand, we always stressed the importance of connecting with communities around us. We create opportunities to give back either through a long-term outreach programme or tactical donations and assistance. By speaking about these individuals and their great work through #JuaraSambutJuara, we hope to not only provide them a platform to further gain support but also inspire others to be involved in community enrichment activities.”

Chief Executive Officer of Munchy’s Mr. Rodney Wong

Munchy’s achieved a significant milestone when it was awarded “Biscuit Brand of the Year” at the World Branding Awards 2019-2020 solidifying its international presence which currently stands at more than 50 countries globally. The World Branding Awards sees some of the world’s best brands recognized for their work and achievements and is dedicated to advancing branding standards. 

Munchy’s products are sold at major hypermarkets, supermarkets and other retail outlets nationwide.


*No.1 in Peninsular Malaysia in Biscuits. Based on Nielsen Retail Index (June 2019-May 2020).

Established in 1991, Munchy’s is Malaysia’s No.1 biscuit brand* that has now flourished into a recognized and successful brand present globally. In line with its mission to offer tasty biscuits made from the best quality ingredients to everyone, Munchy’s offers a wide variety of offerings across all key biscuit segments. Munchy’s product brands include Munchy’s Cream Crackers, LEXUS Cream Sandwich, Oat Krunch, Muzic Wafer, Captain Munch and Choc-O cookies, are available in most retail outlets in Malaysia and more than 50 countries globally. Log on to or website for more information. 

* No 1 in Peninsular Malaysia in Biscuits Category. Based on Nielsen Retail Index (Jun’19-May’20)

About Munchy’s #JuaraSambutJuara Top Five

Raja Noora Kamil, Philanthropist

Raja Noora is involved in various charities and NGOs living a life of service. Her contribution to communities comes in various ways – she has rehoused needy families, helped them with their utility deposits even assisted individuals gain employment. In addition to these efforts, she also cooks and feeds people through countless charities she is involved in. She was formerly a committee member of The Rotary Club of Kuching.

Sheila Tukiman, President of Persatuan Wanita dan Ibu Tunggal Iman Kuala Lumpur

Sheila experienced firsthand how helpless and difficult it was being a single mother both financially and emotionally. When she managed to pull herself out of that predicament, she vowed to support other single mothers live a better life. Today she helps countless single mothers by giving them the opportunity to provide for themselves. She does this by teaching them new skills and creating different platforms for them to sell their products/services. 

Hasan Al-Akraa, Founder of Al-Hasan Volunteering Network

When he first came to Malaysia, there was little support for refugees. He wanted to be the change and started teaching and volunteering at a refugee learning center. In 2016, he established his volunteering organization (Al-Hasan Volunteering Network), assisting refugees and unfortunate communities and to also provide opportunities for youths to get involved in helping others. During MCO, the organization pivoted their teaching efforts and distributed food and daily staples to refugees in need instead.

Radhika Divya & Charis Wong, Co-founders of #MYDeliveryHeroes

During MCO, these ladies started a kindness movement that became an instant hit. Essentially it was to get Malaysians to do something nice for delivery riders who risk their lives daily for our convenience. The idea and execution were simple – purchase meals by choosing a food delivery service using the different apps available and select the restaurant itself as the recipient address. When the rider collects the food, they are told that a caring Malaysian had bought them the food to enjoy.

Shahrul Nizam Kamal, Business owner & charity coordinator

Shahrul runs a social enterprise restaurant where his profit is divided between managing the business and distributed within the community through his different charity works. During MCO he led a team to supply food to the Sungai Buloh Hospital for 30 days. They also distributed food and groceries to B40 category homes. At the restaurant he has set up a Food Bank for anyone who needs urgent supply of food/grocery items.

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