Cindertoella: You are born to be real, not perfect


Enhance your beauty with Cindertoella’s specially curated selection of jewellery

Cindertoella, a minimalism statement-making jewelry brand based in Kuala Lumpur, was established by two entrepreneurial women a couple of years ago. The main founder, JW, was working as a flight attendant for five years before deciding to take the plunge by venturing into her own business. What drove her to make her mark in the jewellery industry is the passion to capture the beauty of jewellery pieces infused with inspiration that she has gathered from her travels around the world. In every country JW has traveled to, she has constantly sought for beautiful ideas in the form of jewelleries, which are then made into intricate, unique, and modern pieces by Cindertoella’s for today’s women.

I have been lucky to be given the opportunity to travel around the globe meeting different people and experiencing their beautiful cultures. It was definitely an eye-opening experience that has taught me more about the basics of jewellery designing, something that I have always been interested in since I was a young girl. We at Cindertoella strongly believe that jewellery plays an important part as an accentuation for the modern women in their outfits, everyday look, as well as for any and all occasions.

JW, the founder of Cindertoella.

Cindertoella’s latest campaign which focuses on Self Love, aims to inspire women to accept that they are born to be real, not perfect. This campaign is dedicated to helping women boost their self-esteem and confidence as well as encouraging them to love themselves and embrace who they truly are without fear and judgment.  

JW adds, “It is our ultimate goal this year to shine the light on women and inspire them to accept their true selves and be comfortable in their own skin despite the many influences of social media where perfection is being portrayed most of the time. Cindertoella wants to share the message of positivity and let women everywhere know that self-love begins within. We also encourage women to reward and pamper themselves or each other from time to time by gifting, which is the reason why we have created a new gifting section in our website dedicated to this.  You can now purchase a quality piece of jewellery coupled with a premium gift box and a personalized card for your message, for your BFFs or beloved family members.”

In conjunction with its new campaign, Cindertoella has recently launched a few new collections of rings, bracelets and more, in 18k gold plated to Silver 925 that are hypoallergenic and perfect for everyday wear. The brand has also refreshed its website with cleaner graphics and incorporated more lifestyle photos to enhance its customers’ shopping experience. 

All Cindertoella’s products are stylish yet compelling and quality assured as they are made with semi-fine jewellery that is 18k gold plated, or crafted with the timeless Silver 925, or with stainless steel.

For more information, visit Cindertoella‘s website or stay up to date on their socials at Instagram or Facebook.

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About Cindertoella

Cindertoella is a Malaysian grown fashion & semi fine jewelry brand founded by two Malaysian women entrepreneurs in 2018. Cindertoella believes that jewellery plays an important part as an accentuation for the modern woman on their everyday look, outfits, and for any and all occasions, whilst aiming to offer premium quality jewellery at affordable prices. 

Cindertoella has a wide distribution channel through various methods such as their website,, fashion platform Zalora, as well as retailers such as Robinsons The Gardens, Robinsons Kuala Lumpur, Lifestyle multilabel store Mano Plus Penang, Mano Plus GMBB, and Chateau at The Linc KL. Cindertoella is also available to customers worldwide, mainly from Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, to the UK and many more.

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