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Subang Jaya, 1 April 2021: Taylor’s College and The Risers have launched the RISE Educator Award to celebrate and appreciate teachers who have made an impact on the lives of students in Malaysia, with the teacher and nominator standing a chance to walk away with cash prizes.

Acronyms for Remarkable Impact in Student Education, the RISE Educator Award is open to students, or parents of students, in any preschool, primary school and secondary school to nominate a teacher who inspired them.

Students and parents may nominate their teacher of choice from 1 to 23 April by describing the teacher’s deeds that impacted them, or their children, in 100 words or less. Five finalists will be chosen from the entries and will have their stories posted up on Taylor’s College social media platforms, for the public to vote for the winner.

“Teaching is a tough job, and the pandemic made it a whole lot tougher! Despite that, we have heard of teachers who persevered, overcame, stepped up their game and went the extra mile for their students,”

 said Josephine Tan, Taylor’s College Campus Director.

“We have seen how our own Taylor’s academics have persevered to pivot all their material to online teaching, work through the night to ensure their students are doing well, and spent their personal time to counsel students. We know that teachers across the country are doing the same.

“For your countless hours of effort and dedication, and the added acts of compassion and kindness – we want to say to those teachers, we see you. We want this Award to be an avenue where not only students, but also parents, take the time to let teachers know that they are doing a wonderful job.”

Teacher of the winning entry will walk away with RM2,000 cash, while the nominator will also take home RM500 cash.

To nominate a teacher, submit your entry at http://bit.ly/RISEEducatoraward


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About The Risers

A Taylor’s College’s outreach programme, The Risers aims to provide an avenue for secondary school students to engage with like-minded peers, equip themselves with fresh skills and empower each other to make things happen.

The Risers platform features a portal and mobile application that contains educational and lifestyle content, self-help tips, and also provides an avenue for students to interact with other secondary school students and Taylor’s brand ambassadors aka The Risers to discover their passion, future careers and university pathways. 

The portal will also provide content for educators with regards to teaching tips and other related information.

The Risers mobile application works on a gamification and reward system, which will allow users to earn points to unlock benefits made available by Taylor’s. Students can download The Risers app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and start exploring by commenting, liking or sharing posts to gain points. Points can be used to unlock various user levels, register for events, win cool merchandise, movie tickets or food vouchers, and eventually also post content on the app. 

Additionally, The Risers app allows users to fast track the process for Taylor’s scholarships and bursaries applications.

About Taylor’s College

Since its establishment in 1969, Taylor’s College is an established and leading international tertiary college which has contributed much to the national public benefit over the last five decades. The high standing that is a feature of Taylor’s College has been built on its reputation for excellent teaching and the overall experience it provides to its students.

Taylor’s College continues its heritage of excellence through its expanded stable of programmes; in offering students quality education through Foundation and Diploma programmes as well as professional programmes such as the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) papers. The College received the ACCA Gold Approved Learning Partner status in 2020, in recognition of the quality of learning provision and support for ACCA students.

Taylor’s College aims to produce well-equipped leaders with the necessary capabilities to start and stay ahead as they progress into university and subsequently in their career.

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