Dameer Releases New Single ‘Believe’


Rising star Dameer is releasing his latest single, ‘Believe’, which is out now via Majestic Casual. Opening with synth stabs, jazzy guitar chords and a propulsive drum beat, newcomer Dameer is showcasing his ability to blend infectious hooks with his laid back vocal style. As with his previous singles ‘Easier’ and ‘Sun’, it is the merger of simple and catchy melodies lovingly marooned in his raw production to reveal songs that are heartfelt, but deceptively joyous.

“Believe is about romantic PTSD. It’s about wanting to move on from a past relationship but not being able to, seeing her in every potential romantic partner. I stopped trusting my instincts, I stopped believing in myself. It’s an absurd feeling.” 

20 year old Dameer was born in Dhaka, one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Growing up with music constantly around him, and learning how to play and produce in his bedroom, he has taken influence from his surroundings to write songs that are both intimate and vast. Although he’s not afraid to tackle big issues from mental health to politics, he chooses to do this in a positive way, using the small absurdities in life to frame his stories. 

Having learnt how to create music in Dhaka, it was the move to Kuala Lumpur that expanded his horizons as a lyricist, channeling new surroundings and feelings of loneliness into his songwriting. Dameer plays the guitar, piano, drums, bass, and the Bashi (a traditional Bangladeshi flute) and pairs lo-fi tones with psychedelic guitars and mesmerising vocals, creating an ethereal bridge between the East and the West.

The track will be highlighted by a Wong Kar Wai inspired music video from award-winning director Adam Sinclair – the husband of famous Malaysian singer-songwriter YUNA and director of music videos featuring Tyler the Creator, G-Eazy and YUNA. Featuring Sheena Liam, the season 2 winner of Asia’s Next Top Model, the video puts Dameer in truly star-studded company as he’s exposed to the cinematic bustle of the Kuala Lumpur streets.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming ‘Believe’ music video! Follow Dameer at: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Download the full press kit here!

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