Kotex Champions Women’s Progress With Yuna and Datuk Nicol David in New #SheCan Limited Edition Range


The Kotex Limited Edition range featuring these Malaysian Icons will be available on shelves this October onwards.

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Paying homage to legendary Malaysian icons Yuna and Datuk Nicol David, Kotex launches the all new Limited Edition range which features our very own heroes! Exclusively available from October 2020 onwards, the latest Limited Edition range is part of Kotex’s aim to celebrate women’s progress for the past 100 years. And who better than these two trailblazing women to best embody the progress made by Malaysian women across the globe. Additionally, by collaborating with these celebrated Malaysian Icons, Kotex aims to keep their success stories alive for tomorrow’s female leaders of the country.

In an effort to showcase their success stories, Kotex has collaborated with Yuna and Datuk Nicol David to feature a one-of-a-kind illustration on the all new Limited Edition range packs. Both of these women have faced their fair share of adversities and challenges. However, despite the hurdles along the way, Yuna and Datuk Nicol David have emerged as the benchmark for success in their respective fields, and now serve as role models to young women and girls, especially in Malaysia. 

Frenissa Lagman, Marketing Manager for Kimberly-Clark Malaysia, said,

“Kotex has been championing women’s progress for 100 years and what better than to work with two key women who have contributed and paved the way for the progress made by Malaysian women in their respective fields. Our collaboration also provides young Malaysian women and girls with the best role models to look up to, while hustling their way to the top, without having to worry about their periods getting in the way

On her way to the top, singer-songwriter Yuna dealt with racism and unfair treatment when she worked in the U.S. There was also constant pressure (as a female artist) to behave in a certain way to succeed. Nevertheless, she saw this as an opportunity, and dared to be different. Eventually, she found success, becoming the first Malaysian singer to hit the top 10 in the U.S. Billboard R&B Chart. Similarly, Datuk Nicol David is considered as the greatest squash player of all time and one of Malaysia’s most trusted personalities. During her sporting days, she too dealt with unfair circumstances as women were constantly compared to men, for their sporting abilities. However, she never allowed the challenges to bring her down, as she cemented her place in the sporting history books. 

Eight-time squash World Champion, Datuk Nicol David, said,

Most people out there are aware of the great achievements made by women. However, few have insights to the struggles and hardships faced by these women, on their journeys to craft their place in the world. The platform offered by Kotex is a great way to provide the younger generation with inspiration to always pursue their dreams

Internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, Yuna, said

This collaboration with Kotex is truly special to me as I believe that we have a whole new generation of amazing young talents. To help fulfill their dreams, I believe they need to be inspired and motivated to pursue their goals, despite the adversities, without being worried about their periods becoming a hurdle

Kotex’s testament to championing women’s progress and success began 100 years ago. Through innovative offerings and initiatives like the Kotex She Can Fund, which aids young Malaysian women to achieve their dreams, Kotex seeks to ensure women never have to compromise their journey of progress due to their periods, because period or not, She Can! Likewise, the collaboration with Yuna and Datuk Nicol David serves as an extension of Kotex’s goals to support women and their tales of success and to provide a source of inspiration for tomorrow’s world leaders. 

Looking to step out worry-free while en route to achieving your ultimate goals? Get your hands on the Kotex Limited Edition range, which hits the stores for a limited time, this October onwards. Also, keep up with Kotex’s efforts to support women’s progress on Kotex’s Facebook and Instagram.


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