Kleenex Teams Up with Malaysian Icon, Datuk Lat, to Launch Special Edition Tissue Boxes


KUALA LUMPUR, 21 September – After decades of being a fixture in the homes of families across the globe, Kleenex has teamed up with iconic Malaysian cartoonist, Datuk Lat, to introduce limited-edition Kleenex tissue boxes with unique illustrations depicting harmony and kindness in Malaysia. This exciting collaboration pays homage to the Malaysian spirit through the lens of Datuk Lat, with the hopes of inspiring Malaysians to unite in solidarity, with a nostalgic twist.

The launch of Datuk Lat’s limited-edition tissue boxes is in conjunction with Kleenex’s #SoftIsStrong campaign which encourages all Malaysians to embrace their softer side by being kind to their friends, families and neighbours – inspired by the softness of Kleenex facial tissues and the strength of the Malaysian spirit as depicted by Datuk Lat’s illustrations. As the nation undergoes a period of uncertainty during these challenging times, many of the issues faced by Malaysians today can often be overcome by simply being kind to one another.

“We take pride in the fact that Kleenex has been at the forefront of quality tissue products for many years and are pleased to have collaborated with the iconic and truly beloved Malaysian cartoonist, Datuk Lat, whose art has been a fixture of Malaysian culture for many decades. With this partnership, Kleenex hopes to celebrate the Malaysian spirit and let Malaysians near and far know that simply being kind to one another can make us stronger as a community,” says Ko Li June, Brand Manager at Kimberly-Clark.

“Thank you all for inviting me to be part of this encouraging campaign. Being able to illustrate a harmonious Malaysia is like a walk in the park as I recollect my fondest memories of Malaysia. Throughout the years, I’ve always translated Malaysian culture and spirit through my drawings as a way to remind beloved Malaysians of our diversity, strength and togetherness. I’m pleased to have collaborated with Kleenex to capture the essence of harmony through simple acts of kindness and also hope that this collaboration serves as a reminder to us Malaysians that kindness and unity starts at home. Terima kasih,” said Datuk Lat.

With the launch of the special edition Kleneex tissue boxes and the #SoftIsStrong campaign, Kleenex invites Malaysians to be kinder to one another in hopes of building a stronger, more unified community. Stay up to date with #SoftIsStrong and be on the lookout for the special edition Kleenex tissue boxes in collaboration with Datuk Lat – now available in all major hypermarkets, supermarkets, and e-commerce platforms nationwide from September onwards. 

For more information on #SoftIsStrong, in collaboration with Datuk Lat, stay up-to-date on https://www.facebook.com/Kleenex.Malaysia


Download the full press kit here!

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