Lifestyle Newswire,  Kepohchi in Support of Malaysian-Owned Businesses with Free services


Kepohchi, Malaysia’s lifestyle newswire announces the removal of all newswire fees on its platform in support of local businesses

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Just as the Malaysian economy looks to bounce back, lifestyle newswire Kepohchi is reaching out a helping hand by offering its services for free! Acknowledging the fact that many businesses have struggled to find their footing from the coronavirus pandemic, homegrown newswire, Kepohchi is looking to support fellow local businesses to boost their publicity and marketing efforts by connecting them directly with relevant media in Malaysia.

Despite the fact that many business sectors are allowed to open during our Recovery Movement Control Order, some are still finding their footing with the art of digitalization – having moved from conventional marketing such as fliers, in-store display, and so on.  It can be challenging to get news and messages across in time when online space is ever more relevant but also has a high chance of being buried quickly if it does not reach the intended target audience in time. To help local Malaysian owned businesses ride the wave of the economic challenge, Kepohchi is offering its newswire space for free. 

So how does it work? 

Lifestyle businesses and brands simply have to register with Kepohchi to get their stories and content published at no cost to a network that reaches over 5,000 journalists and over 3,000 print and digital media companies across Malaysia. Rather than blasting out press releases in hopes of your content getting noticed, Kepohchi is helping you place your content on www.kepohchi.com – a designated public forum for media to notice and publish.

So why is Kepohchi offering free services?

Kepohchi wants to make it a point to understand these businesses’ plights and do what they can to support and play a part in reviving the Malaysian and worsening global economy through their growing platform. 

There is a space for almost every lifestyle brand to publicize themselves – from beauty, business, career, conscious living, entertainment, fashion, food & beverage, health & fitness, home & décor, places & travel, sports, and technology.

Kepohchi aims to make a difference by helping businesses get back on track while achieving its purpose in supporting fellow local businesses to weather the pandemic wave. In times like this, Kepohchi believes that it is pivotal that we share the spirit of  #kitajagakita.

About Kepohchi

“Kepohchi” is slang for one who wants to know everything that’s happening. And that’s what Kepohchi is all about!

As a lifestyle newswire dedicated to sharing the latest in lifestyle press releases and events with Malaysian media, the idea for Kepohchi is simple- all the latest news and happenings in fashion, food, entertainment, and everything else lifestyle easily accessible under one online roof.

Kepohchi’s aim is to bridge the gap between brands and individuals with lifestyle news to offer, and media outlets who are in constant search of relevant lifestyle stories to share with their readers and subscribers, all in a simple and cost-effective way.

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