Top 60 finalists compete for the coveted Champion titles at the Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge 2019


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Kuala Lumpur, 29 July 2019 – 60 finalists from the Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge (MGAC) 2019 from Britain, India, Philippines, Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Singapore came together to represent their countries and compete for the coveted titles of MGAC 2019 Champion team and Global Champion. The event saw its top finalists being flagged-off for their 10-day Global Finals competition on board a ‘Hop-On Hop-Off’ bus at Menara Maybank earlier on Monday.

The Finalists of MGAC 2019 get ready to go on their last adventure together with Chief Human Capital Officer, Maybank, Pn Nora Abd Manaf

The Flag-off, which represents the first day of the Global Finals, saw finalists in their suits dashing to stations around Kuala Lumpur’s iconic locations via Grab, Rapid Train Services and Hop-On Hop-Off buses, to truly experience Malaysia’s culture and history. The stations which begin in Dataran Merdeka and end at the Rift and Paintball Valley Bukit Lagong comprised physical and digitally-gamified challenges designed to test the finalists’ ability to work together in teams to ideate solutions for their assigned challenges.

Throughout the Global Finals, the finalists will undergo simulated business case challenges designed to test their problem-solving skills based on their character and intellect as well as the cherished MGAC tradition of ‘Back-to-Basics’ challenge, which is designed to educate them on the importance of survival skills and self-sustainability.

The Finalists will also be assigned a Corporate Responsibility Challenge, where they will all have to work together for a common goal in creating meaningful solutions for community- related issues and rally the public’s buy-in. The overall winners of MGAC 2019 will be announced on August 7, which marks the 10th and final day of the Global Finals.

The ultimate reward for all Finalists is a conditional offer to join Maybank in its entry-level pipeline programme, the award-winning Global Maybank Apprentice Programme. The two- year rotational management trainee programme offers best-in-class development, on-the-job training, assigned coaching by Maybank’s senior management and the opportunity to undergo international assignments to any Maybank offices in the 18 countries, where Maybank has a presence in.

MGAC 2019 received over 35,000 applications across 105 nationalities from students and graduates of top higher learning institutions across the region. The theme #ChallengeOfChoice was chosen for MGAC 2019, as it features a more personalised experience for participants where they get to sculpt their own experience throughout the Challenges.

Participants were tested on their ability to make necessary decisions, be it easy or difficult ones, to add greater depth to their learning experience throughout the three stages of MGAC 2019 which spanned four months, namely the Campus Levels, National Level and Global Finals.

The gamification concept was also integrated into MGAC 2019’s business case challenge as a unique new element to enhance the participants’ user experience. “The gamification concept is a new experience for our participants, where they went through activities that seamlessly changed between the physical and digital worlds. The unique enhancements that MGAC 2019’s Gamification concept brings enabled a built-in reality that results in stronger application and recall for their learning,” said Nora Abd Manaf, Maybank Group Chief Human Capital Officer.

MGAC 2019 also featured Non-Player Characters (NPCs) comprising Maybank employees and the general public who played the roles of agents to the participants throughout specific plots of the business case challenge. As NPCs, they were able to interact with the participants as allies, bystanders or even competitors, to influence the choices that participants make for themselves or others.

MGAC has continued to win multiple local and regional awards year-on-year due to its unique proposition values. For four consecutive years since 2015, MGAC has won top prizes for the ‘Best Recruitment Innovation by a Corporate HR Team’, ‘Best Candidate Experience by a

Corporate HR Team’, ‘Best Graduate Recruitment Programme’, ‘Best Regional Programme’ in the Human Resources Asia Awards in Malaysia as well as HR Excellence Awards in Singapore. MGAC was also recognised as the ‘Best Innovation on Campus’ at Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employer Awards for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017.

Pn Nora welcomes welcomes the guest and fellow media members to the MGAC 2019 Global Finals Flagoff

“In its 8th instalment this year, MGAC remains both an innovative and responsible recruitment platform to spot, build and nurture diverse global talent, aligned with our humanising mission to be at the heart of the community. However, MGAC is more than just a talent recruitment programme for Maybank. It’s also about us fulfilling our role as a leading ASEAN organisation to contribute to the region’s human capital growth and in the context of our nation, it’s about investing in Malaysia’s human capital development which is a critical enabler for driving and sustaining the country’s economic growth.,” added Nora.


About the Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge 

The Maybank GO Ahead. Challenge was inaugurated in 2012 – an international student competition that challenges their intellect, stretches their creativity and tests their endurance. The challenge puts the best minds together on a platform that is fully designed in-house by our very own Global Maybank Apprentices to seek the right talents to be part of the organisation. 

MGAC welcomes university students and graduates from any discipline and nationality to be challenged. 

About the Global Maybank Apprentice Programme (GMAP) 

The Global Maybank Apprentice Programme (GMAP) is an exclusive two-year management trainee programme where Maybank Apprentices will be given a holistic learning experience with customised on-the-job rotations. Maybank Apprentices will undergo international assignments to enable them to be familiarised with Maybank’s global network operations. The programme is aimed to accelerate their growth into a management role, upon their graduation from the programme.

GMAP is aimed at developing talent for Maybank and include:

  • A holistic learning experience with customised on-the-job rotations
  • Enhancing leadership skills amongst others, via involvement in group-wide special projects
  • International Assignments to prepare Global Maybank Apprentices in global network operations
  • Experiential learning through Corporate Responsibility initiatives, project management and presentation to Maybank’s top management
  • Face-to-face intervention development programme, in which a dedicated coach and mentor is assigned to guide Maybank Apprentices’ growth and learnings

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