Lisbeth Larsen, Jotun Global Colour Manager with the REFINED theme

Jotun Paints Malaysia officially launched Jotun Global Colour Trends 2019 today which introduced their Identity colour collections that represent three themes: CALM, REFINED and RAW. The themes are designed to inspire homeowners to choose colours and combinations that reflect and embrace their own personal identity. 

In celebration of individual personalities, the launch event held at The Space, Menara KEN TTDI where each of the IDENTITY themes were brought to life through interactive experiences that resembled each theme from refined floral bouquet making sessions to a raw and healthy food station allowing them to discover and express their identity.

Similarly, Jotun recognised that in a fast-moving world full of distractions, home is one of the few places we can authentically express who we are. In a busy life, home should be an anchor and a comfort – the place where we can relax into our true selves and tell our own stories. Home is an expression of identity. 

These observations are the founding ideas behind the Jotun Colour Card 2019. Compiled over a year by the Jotun colour specialists in Sandefjord, Norway, and incorporating on the insights of a global network of colour-trend researchers, this year’s card – titled Identity – explores the colours that characterise and reflect modern urban lifestyles around the world.  

The card presents a palette of 28 colours – many of them new – created by the globally renowned paint company, demonstrating how homeowners and interior designers can create inspiring spaces that authentically express the values, interests and personality of their occupants. The age of using colour and design to reflect aspiration or ‘put on a show’ for guests is over; today’s colour palettes are built on honesty, integrity and truth – the home of 2019 says simply: ‘This is me’.

Jotun Global Colour Manager Lisbeth Larsen, together with a team of colour consultants from across South-East Asia, the Middle East, Turkey and Scandinavia, have translated their insights into a palette of 28 shades to be added to the extensive Jotun paint range. 

We believe that home is the living story of who we are, told in the objects and colours we fill it with. Our research identified three identities that resonate with homeowners of every global city: A calm palette of slowness and simplicity that you can peacefully return to as life grows faster and busier; a refined palette inspired by vintage treasures and new design pieces that you love to store and showcase and a raw palette that reconnects you to the warm colours of soil and sand, reminiscent of a relaxed, rural atmosphere. We’ve designed our colour card as a tool to help discover their true identity through the beauty of colours,” said Lisbeth Larsen, Jotun Global Colour Manager.

To illustrate how different colour combinations can be employed to communicate different identities, Jotun has identified three distinct, globally resonant themes, each describing an individual mindset and way of living – the story of an individual, told in colour.

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Soft, light neutrals and warm, subtle contrasts

The calm identity prizes meaning above quantity in the things they surround themselves with, revelling in the almost-Nordic simplicity of their space. Their home is a refuge of clean, easy living and a place of peace, a Zen sanctuary given character through a handful of choice artworks or objects that carry deep personal significance. Nothing is superfluous; there is no room for clutter. Everything has a place and a reason to be in it.
Calm Colours

  1. 1024 Timeless
  2. 10678 Space
  3. 12075 Soothing Beige
  4. 12076 Modern Beige
  5. 1622 Edelweiss (SEAP) 
  6. 12077 Sheer Grey
  7. 12078 Comfort Grey
  8. 0394 Soft Grey
  9. 10290 Soft Touch
  10. 12083 Devine
  11. 20119 Transparent Pink
  12. 12086 Rustic Pink
  13. 12074 Peachy


Sense-stimulating greens and yellows, given depth with different textures

The refined identity is that of the modern-day curator: discerning, considered and interested in intriguing juxtapositions. Their home is dotted with a seemingly eclectic collection of art and artefacts, vintage pieces and contemporary design, all carefully positioned in order to acquire new meanings in their relationship with one another. This home is a personal gallery – a dialogue between colour and object whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Refined Colours

  1. 7626 Airy Green
  2. 7627 Refresh
  3. 7628 Treasure
  4. 7629 Antique Green
  5. 12079 Gleam
  6. 12080 Soft Radiance
  7. 12081 Silky Yellow
  8. 12082 Refined Yellow
  9. 12084 Dusky Peach
  10. 12076 Modern Beige
  11. 12078 Comfort Grey
  12. 0394 Soft Grey
  13. 7613 Northern Mystic
  14. 3377 Slate Lavender


Deep earthy reds, sensuous peaches, greens and darker neutrals

The raw identity is rooted in the earth. Their home is that of a maker and an artisan – an individual that relishes the honesty of working with their hands, who values provenance above polish. They are chefs and hunters, bakers and carpenters. They find beauty in craft and utility – reflected in rustic homes and grounded spaces full of natural, wood-and-stone textures and the colours of soil and sand. 

Raw Colours

  1. 12078 Comfort Grey
  2. 0394 Soft Grey
  3. 12084 Dusky Peach
  4. 12085 Rural
  5. 7628 Treasure
  6. 7629 Antique Green
  7. 12086 Rustic Pink
  8. 2024 Senses
  9. 20120 Organic Red
  10. 12074 Peachy
  11. 20118 Amber Red

These three identities are in no way prescriptive. Users of the colour card are free to mix and match the new colours as they wish. After all, the rooms of a home can each reflect different facets of an identity – someone may be a hunter in the kitchen or a curator in the living room, but seek a moment of Zen in the bedroom – or be a combination of all three types. The colour card gives people the freedom and flexibility to reflect themselves as they are. It includes Jotun’s practical colour-matching tool, allowing users to easily identify complementary shades within a single colour family, or create harmonious colour variations in the same space.

The card is brought to life with inspiring photography by Line Thit Klein, featuring the colours at play in three interior settings, styled by Oslo creative studio Kråkvik & D’Orazio, long-standing Jotun collaborators.


Identity – Colour Design by Jotun will launch in Stockholm on 21 August 2018, and will be released across Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and China over the following four months. 

In sum, Jotun’s Identity colour card is much than a catalogue of new paint colours; it is a summary of a year of in-depth international trends research; an exploration of how our inner lives can shape our external environment; and a practical guide to making a home – truly and authentically – one’s own. 

Jotun have the rights to all images and should be credited for all use of images.

Notes for Editors

About Jotun 

Founded in 1926 in Sandefjord, south-eastern Norway, Jotun is one of the world’s biggest paint companies, found on interior and outdoor walls in more than 100 countries around the world. With a long tradition of ground-breaking research and colour innovation, Jotun is renowned for both the aesthetics of its decorative paints and the protection and durability its powder coatings offer – which is why it has become the paint brand of choice for many of the world’s landmark buildings. Over the years Jotun has painted the Eiffel Tower, the Petronas Towers, the Burj Khalifa and dozens more. As well as being one of the country’s industrial giants (by nature and by name – in Norse myth, the jötunn are a race of giants), the company is actively involved with Norway’s creative scene, and takes a leading role in design and interiors events and exhibitions worldwide.

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